Tidy My Money is a great workshop for anyone wanting to take control and be held accountable for their finances. In a non-intimidating environment – Amanda and Danielle take you through a step-by-step no nonsense approach to managing your home money. Do yourself a favor!


14th June 2016

Amanda’s Tidy My Money Workshop empowers you to take full ownership of your financial matters.

She gives accessible advice, provides you with effective tools to keep track of your expenses and to manage your budget with precision. She has supported me with both personal and business related guidance – gave me invaluable support about product pricing strategy.

Her advice helps you make immediate and impactful changes that can help you save money and develop a successful financial strategy.

I recommend working with Amanda because she has a very straightforward approach.

Her professional, ethical – she doesn’t sell third party financial products/services - and caring demeanour elicits instant trust and respect.

Thank you so much Amanda for all your invaluable support.


24th Oct 2016

Before the workshop I always considered myself allergic to any form of home budgeting – The workshop really gave me the confidence that I can actively track my home budget and expenses without over complicating the process and gain valuable information from it. Thank you! I can finally base my financial decisions on real actual tracking.


21st March 2016

The workshop helps you start thinking and planning for the future, what you can spend and budget moving forward.


23rd March 2016

It’s a great workshop! I went through a divorce and was at a loss at where my finance were, at being a housewife. I went into tremendous emotional turmoil. Women must be aware of the finances!


21st March 2016

Very warm and helpful. Amanda is very engaging and I will genuinely use the tool. I also like the 31 day wallet for receipts keeping – receipts have been a problem for me!


21st March 2016

Well paced workshop, simple enough to put into practice. Amanda is very relatable. Thank you!


21st March 2016

I work in finance but I still don’t like doing our budget at home. This worksheet that Amanda developed has simplified the process and I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!


21st March 2016

Simplified way to keep a tap on house expenses. Can be done by everyone – no more excuses!


21st March 2016

Helps to put home budgeting into perspective. I found that it gives a complete picture on preparing for a family budget and for emergency purposes.


7th June 2016

Very helpful, real life budgeting spreadsheet that is easy to use and will reveal important information for me to adjust my life as I see fit.


7th June 2016

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to demystify the monthly spend and to plan for things they really want to do. Priceless value!


21st March 2016

Practical Workshop that can easily apply to Life.


23rd March 2016

This workshop was a good basis for putting expenses in order in an organised and easy way.


21 Feb 2017

I would recommend this course to friends as it is easy to understand and a basic platform to start from.


21 Feb 2017

The workshop was extremely relevant to my life. I would definitely recommend the workshop to a friend as it is a friendly and relaxed environment to learn about how to manage money.


28 Feb 2017

Did you find the workshop relevant/useful to you and your life?



28 Feb 2017

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